Professional Passionates connects professionals to create a community that is able to make a change. To get an idea of who these Professional Passionates really are or what they do: here you can meet some of our ambassadors!

Joy Lodarmasse

Passionate Professional at grid company Alliander.

"Who say it can not be done should not interrupt those who do."

Cas van Arendonk

Managing Partner at Kirkman Company.

"You ladies transform the adjective "passionate" to a verb! Everybody gets passionated by your intents, enthousiasm and do mentality. So you create the verb TO PASSIONATE."

Martine Hamers

Entrepreneur & adventurer.

In January 2013 Martine will chase her long time dream: living and working in Brazil. She will be exploring the culture, the city and what's happening in the area of sustainability. You can read her experiences in our blog!

Melissa Marijnen

Owner Professional Rebel.

"I love their slogan: inspire, connect, change. It's up to us to change the world, and PP does exactly that!"

Linda Vermaat

Owner Professional Rebel.

"I am excited to work with the fierce ladies of Professional Passionates. Their drive and enthusiasm to change the world will make them CHANGE the world."

Guido Braam

Managing Partner at Kirkman Company.

"We are the people we've been waiting for!"

Patrice van Riemsdijk

Chairman of Stichting Hub Nederland.

"Patrice was one of the six "jagermeesters" during the Sustainable Hunt on June 5th 2012."

Ivo Lurvink

Director of Group Acquisitions and Divestments at ING Group NV.

"Ivo was one of the six "jagermeesters" during the Professional Passionates Sustainable Hunt on June 5th 2012."

Eszter Toth

Freelance Sustainability Consultant.

"Sometimes it takes more than just facts, figures and reports to convince people about the importance of sustainability. Professional Passionates help to show the fun side of sustainability, they know how to win over the skeptics and make a positive change!"

Rani Nugraha

Independent Communications Specialist.

"Creative storytelling is at the heart of what I do, and what makes people stand up and pay attention. I'm proud to collaborate with a foundation such as Professional Passionates, front-runners in utilising unique and influential strategies to reshape a world that needs corporations and individuals to act responsibly and quickly."

Louise Vet

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at Wageningen University and Director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO).

“Professional Passionates are powerful players within corporations who can activate change!”

Jop Timmers

Owner at Design for Good.

“I deeply believe in the philosophy behind Professional Passionates and I have applied this to my professional life by starting my own company Design for Good.”

Froukje Jansen

Actress & television presenter.

“ There are so many great and sustainable initiatives already out there. What I like about the Professional Passionates foundation is that they transform an idea into action using fun and creativity.”

Alwine van Heemstra

Owner at WinWinStories.

“With my work I want to tell beautiful stories that matter. Professional Passionates is one of these stories and I enjoyed working on it.”

Professional Passionates about their passion - movie made by WinWinStories

Michiel de Haan

Managing Director Praxis.

“As a director or manager you are also a person, my advice always is: besides your brains also take your heart to the office.”

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Ruud Koornstra

Sustainable entrepreneur at Tendris Holding.

“I find Professional Passionates a great initiative because of the following reason: Sustainable pioneers can make a difference; people who dare to run a risk and actually DO it.“

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Christiaan Kraaijenhagen

Founding Partner Firma Fair Focus.

“I am driven by new business creation, opportunities that have a positive impact on the lives of people and the natural environment. Professional Passionates is a beautiful illustration of such a creation.”

Rob van Hattum

Director Science programs at VPRO Public Broadcasting and Creative Director NEMO Science Center.

Stef Kranendijk

CEO Desso.

“Sustainable Entrepreneurship is important and crucial when we look at our future.  Professional Passionates=Sustainable Entrepreneurs.”

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Willemijn Verloop

Founder Warchild, founder Social Enterprise NL and boardmember of several organisations, among which 'Stichting Natuur en Milieu'.

"I believe in the revolutionary power of Social Enterprises to create the sustainable social innovation our planet needs!"

Maurits Groen

Serial sustainability entrepreneur since 1982.

“Inspire. Connect. Change for sustainability is the slogan of Professional Passionates. As serial sustainability entrepreneur I connect people and organization working towards sustainable solutions."

Yoeri van Alteren

Directeur Club van 30.

“As founder of the club of 30 I feel a great need for more Professional Passionates; Professionals that use their job to make a sustainable as well as a commercial difference.”

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop

Founder Circle Economy and Investor renewable energy/cleantech.

“Professional Passionates is an excellent example of a bottom-up movement where “economic” change goes from individuals to companies.”

Irene Rompa

Freelancer & Sustainability coördinator TEDxAmsterdam.

"With everything I do in my personal or professional life I try to make the world a bit better. Professional Passionates embodies exactly this."

Tom van de Beek

Sustainability & Communications Expert and founder at Butch & Sundance.

“Surfing, home made veggie food, cool eco gadgets and good movies that is what I love. Looking back at my career I have always tried to make the world a better place from the work I am in otherwise what is the point in working?”

Tex Gunning

Executive Committee member responsible for AkzoNobel Decorative Paints.

“We need new leaders who are going to solve sustainability issues, together! And Professional Passionates are those kind of leaders.”

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Carlijn Lindemulder

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at ID&T.

“Only together we can make the transition towards a sustainable society” 

Stef van Dongen

Entrepreneur and Founding Director of Enviu.

“Professional Passionates, lets co-create and make it happen!”

Indra Heerkens

Communication manager Stichting DOEN.

“In my job at Stichting DOEN I have met many Professional Passionates within different organizations and I am happy to see there is a foundation that helps them come together.”

Ivo Nederpelt

Engaged consultant on sustainability & entrepreneurship at Winkelman Van Hessen.

"We need energetic and decisive people to support and scale sustainable initiatives. People who can inspire, connect and motivate others to act sustainable. That’s what Professional Passionates are all about."

Rosalie Puiman

Manager at Stichting Intermin.

"I feel connected to the Professional Passionates initiative because it unites people from all different backgrounds in a shared goal & it's all about creating a sustainable, fun, beautiful world for all of us to live in. Both reasons I try to contribute to every day. So, I'm very happy to call myself a true Professional Passionate!"

Ritsaart van Montfrans

Founder & CEO, The New Motion.

"Professional Passionates is a beautiful foundation, which I very much enjoyed working with. As advisory board of the electric rally and main sponsor I am proud to count myself a 100% professional passionate. Solutions for a sustainable world are there, it's about doing it, now!"

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Anna-Gerdien Bruna

(Web)designer and owner at Bruna & Bruna.

"Professional Passionates is an organisation with a fantastic network of enthusiastic people who are combining thoughts for a better, sustainable world. Being a passionated professional I share their love for people & planet and of course for doing business, but with a different perspective than just making profit."

Hanna Verboom

Actress & co-founder of Get It Done (also the winner of the Professional Passionate Award on june 5th 2011!)

“Professional Passionates is led by a group of people that are passionate about changing this world, about resetting our future.”

'The green virus'

Peter Bakker

President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and former CEO of TNT.

“Professional Passionates is one of the best chosen names I have recently heard."

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